Projects Savage Turtle supports

Doing business is not only selling products, it is also being involved in society. Not because it is fashionable nowadays but more as a view of life.

We are deeply worried about how the planet is being exploited and we think we can do our share to make it a better place:

  • Savage Turtle sunscreens use mineral zinc oxide in the sunscreens and by buying these we support the the restoration of coral reefs.
  • Savage Turtle produces body care products entirely on solar energy to make our ecological footprint as small as possible.
  • We re-use packaging for shipping to the shops we sell to.
  • Savage Turtles are made from organic ingredients and materials.
  • All our product packaging is plastic free.
  • Savage Turtle has partnered up with suppliers of beauty ingredients who buy from local tribes in the rainforest who by wild picking organic ingredients maintain the rainforest and not destroy it.
  • We support turtle saving projects. Details are on the way.
  • For every item you buy one tree will be planted. Savage Turtle proudly supports the Eden Project. They work in 10 countries and plant 1,000,000 trees per day thanks to people like you. Also they give local poor communities new economic opportunities.