Our Story, Our Journey

Savage Turtle was born in the hearts of 4 traveling skin care and sportswear enthusiasts who wanted to change the way skin care products and sportswear are made.
Why using chemicals and plastics that are polluting the world? 
They saw the results on polluted beaches of Mexico and other places they visited. 
Can it be made with natural ingredients, resources and materials without damaging the environment?
And can it be done in a way all people and businesses involved earn a fair share and no person has been exploited? And all of this while maintaining a premium quality? 
There are so many brands in skin and body care products and so many brands in sportswear, street wear and other fashion industries so the question became: How can this be done?

So this is what Savage Turtle does:

Regarding skin and body care products it became obvious that no chemical ingredients will be used and no plastics in the products. Also no plastics in the packaging should be used, except when there is no alternative. Only high quality natural ingredients will be used. In order to have control over these requirements these products would be produced by ourselves.

Savage Turtle produce these with solar energy.

Regarding the Clothing Line only Premium Organic Cotton or recycled or sustainable materials will be used and must be produced under ethical manufacturing conditions.

Savage Turtle will provide premium garments made from Organic Cotton or a blend of Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester.

With the help of you we can give back to the planet by planting three trees for every skin or body care product or garment sold from the Savage Turtle Shop.