How to use sunscreen

Apply before sun exposure or taking a sun tanning session. If sunscreen is still noticeable, keep rubbing to better distribute it. Reapply at least after 80 minutes of swimming or seating and immediately after towel-drying.

Please be aware that it is not a sunscreen lotion so you don't have to apply that much on your skin. You will not need more than half a teaspoon in total for your face and neck.

How to apply

This is how we use Savage Turtle Sunscreens: We apply small dots of sunscreen on the area we want to protect and then we spread it out till it sufficiently covers and protects all exposed skin. Easy as a pie.

Savage Turtle Mineral Zinc Sunscreens are scent free, WATERPROOF (80 minutes), always smooth as velvet, and without artificial and chemical emulsifiers, preservatives, gelling agents, thickeners, alcohols and oxibenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate or octinoxate.