You are probably used to regular sunscreens that are milky lotions with a lot of water and are packed in the usual plastic bottle or flask.

Savage Turtle Zinc Sunscreens are a little different as they are not milky lotions but creamy easy spreadable balms packed in aluminum tins that are re-usable and recyclable and will never end up in the oceans and your blood stream as plastic micro beads.

Savage Turtle Mineral Sunscreens don't contain water and besides that no chemicals are needed for thickening and saving the content from dangerous fungi and bacteria, you don't have to apply as much as with a usual suntan lotion.

Here goes LESS IS MORE.

ONE aluminum tin with Savage Turtle Organic Zinc Sunscreen equals TWO to THREE plastic flasks with sunscreen lotion. That saves a lot of plastic in the oceans.

How to apply mineral zinc sunscreen:

• Use a small amount by taking two finger tips with sunscreen from the tin. You will notice that It feels like a velvet dream, smooth and soft. There is no need to loosen it up.

• Apply gently in broad circular motions to cover your skin until evenly distributed and becoming invisible.

• Do not lather on loads of your sunscreen, as it will be difficult to rub in, and you will most likely be wasting product.

Savage Turtle zinc sunscreens quickly disappear when you apply it, just rub it in clear! Our customers quickly learn how much / how little to use for best results. You will be amazed just how long your sunscreen lasts while you’re outdoors.

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