How to use Savage Turtle Natural Mineral Sunscreens

Unlike other mineral zinc sunscreens there is no need to warm up or cool down Savage Turtle Natural Mineral Sunscreens. We made it perfectly for you to scoop it straight up from the tin.

When to apply

Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure or taking a sun tanning session until it becomes invisible. in general we suggest to re-apply every 2 hours but it all depends on what you are doing. You must re-apply immediately after towel-drying.

How much to apply

Please be aware that this is not a sunscreen lotion so you don't have to apply so much on your skin. In general you have to use half a teaspoon for your face and neck combined.

How to apply

This is how we do it: We apply small dots of sunscreen on the area we want to protect and then we spread it out till it sufficiently covers and protects all exposed skin.

Savage Turtle Sunscreens are being used by long distance swimmer and world champion Kirsten Cameron from New Zealand during international swimming competitions and she says it protected her safely for more than 6 hours while she was swimming. She had been swimming for ages and this is the first sunscreen after trying so many other brands that gave her the desired result. We didn't even know about this until she told us much later. Of course we are very happy with this.